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    STLA History
Every attempt has been made to accurately piece together history and events
over the last forty years. If individual's name, sales, events, ranch tours,
shows, or other major occurrences are omitted — it was not intentional.
Fact and omissions corrections are always welcome.

The STLA wishes to thank Tom Peoples for his inspiration and resolve to record a large portion of this history before it was lost, and most of all thanks go out to the various contributors who helped compile facts and information: Betty and John T. Baker, H. C Carter, Bob and Gail Coffee, Mike Crocker, Shirley Frazier, Barbara Homer, Carolyn Hunter, Velna Jackson, David Karger, Jan Koehne, Mary Beth Peoples, Alan Sparger, Laney Weise, Wilton and Carolyn Wilton, Cliff and Gail Woerner and a special thanks to Mike Settles whom provided detailed records including dates, names and prices for events '74-'86 and loaned me his collection of Longhom Journals ('83- '86), were they a hoot to go through!

(Did you know Velna Jackson and Betty Baker were both twirlers with the Texas Longhorn Band while they attended the University of Texas?)

A;so, retired King Ranch foreman Leonard Stiles offered fascinating insight into the origin of the King Ranch Longhorn herd. Bob Kleburg traded Graves Peeler 30 Santa Gertrudis heifers for his first 30 Longhorn cows in 1961. His herd grew to 500 in its prime but only 32 museum quality specimens remain ( in the early 2000's) from that original herd - but that is an entirely separate article.

1974-79 H. C. Carter   1995-98 Wilton Wilton
1979-80 John T. Baker   1998-99 Carla J. Payne
1980-82 Red McCombs   1999-2002 Tom Peoples
1982-84 Cliff Woerner   2002-04 John Randolph
1984-86 Mike Settles   2004-06 Christi Randolph
1986-88 Mike Crocker   2006-08 Rick Adams
1988-89 David Karger 2008-09 Louis Christa
1989-91 Marshall Frazier 2009 Clarence Harabis
1991-93 Mike Weise 2009-12 Louis Christa
1993-95 Bob Coffee 2012-14 Danny Russell

Looking back at the start of STLA . . .

The South Texas Longhorn Association filed its 501C Charter with the State of Texas in April of 1975. The group was organized and active in the early 1970's. The STLA was the first affiliate ever formed in the Texas Longhorn Breeders Association. Founders Charlie Schreiner, III and H.C. Carter met with great opposition from ....

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January 7, 2016
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